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The marshalls have a key role to play

If you walk around the Severiano Ballesteros course during the four days of the Omega European Masters, you will certainly meet them.

Wearing bright yellow vests, the marshalls guarantee that the tournament runs smoothly. Their role is to ensure the cohabitation between spectators and players. As for the party commissioners, they are in charge of escorting the flights. In total, this represents 140 people. "It's important that people stay calm and don't move while a pro is planning a hit. They must also cross the fairways in the areas selected for this purpose," explains Greg Chambaz, who will take over the role of marshal manager next season. He will succeed Prosper Rey, who held this position for 40 years. "He has done an exceptional job and I thank him for that. He's the one who set it all up. It is now up to us to make improvements over the years." 

Some paths have been modified, bringing more fluidity to the crowd's movements. Everything is done to make the course as attractive and enjoyable as possible. "In the future, I would like to see the next passages indicated on maps. Visitors who are unfamiliar with the route may find it easier to locate. We could also give them a map with the areas they are allowed to cross," continues Greg Chambaz.

Junior’s Captain for two and a half years, the Valaisian also thinks about the quality of the course. "It is crucial to leave the course in good condition for the club members and visitors in September. This aspect is very important to me."

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