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TAOPATCH, the technology that changes lives

The use of TAOPATCH nanotechnology is particularly suitable for sportsmen. In golfers, for example, it can improve the performance of top players by 2 to 3%. "This technology constantly stimulates the body's nerve points that are out of balance, without emitting any chemical substances. Therefore, it is fully in line with the requirements of the World Anti-Doping Agency," says Paolo Ferrari, distributor of TAOPATCH.

The system will also help amateur golfers to enjoy their sport better: better physical performance; stability, flexibility and coordination of movements; muscle strengthening and reduced recovery time. "There is a lot of scientific research and testing behind this innovative and growing technology. It is also applicable to people who do not exercise. It can help with balance problems, back pain, arthritis, headaches, chronic fatigue and attention deficit disorders," says Paolo Ferrari.

How does it work?  

It is a light therapy that will help the person to rebalance himself and allow his muscles to relax. Through patches, this certified medical device will transmit photons to the body using the same wavelengths that our cells use when they communicate with each other. This revolutionary process will act directly on the proprioceptive system, as a continuous exchange of information between the central nervous system and the various movement receptors.

TAOPATCH has been distributed in Italy for 12 years, in Japan for 6 years, in the United States for two years and in Eastern Europe. This technology is also present in Switzerland: in Crans-Montana, Geneva and Zurich. On the Haut-Plateau, it is distributed by Ferrari Innovations. "In our 300 m2 practice, we have physiotherapists and specialised doctors who accompany our clients", concludes Paolo Ferrari.  

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