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The magical world of European Tour Productions

For a resort such as Crans-Montana, the Omega European Masters is an excellent opportunity to make yourself known.

Via television, images of the Haut-Plateau are broadcasted on all continents. The 2639 cumulative hours of TV broadcasting (direct, deferred or summarized) reach 283 million households. 

All of this production is carried out by European Tour Productions (ETP), directly from Crans-Montana. Its headquarters is located in the Etang-Long car park, near hole No18. The eleven large trucks and its gigantic crane do not go unnoticed. "This crane serves as a relay for signals sent by mobile devices. For example, we have 26 cameras. In order for everything to be connected and function, we spread out 50 kilometers of cables," explains Gareth Jones, broadcast partnerships director for ETP, who also works on other competitions, such as the Ryder Cup, The Open, all the stages of the European Tour, the Senior Tour and the Challenge Tour.

The team of 110 people does not only film and broadcast images, but is also in charge of delivering a finished product. It is therefore composed of technicians, producers, editors, directors, reporters, graphic designers and statisticians. "It's very complicated, because unlike football or rugby, the action doesn’t occur in the same place. We cover the 18 holes of the course and all players simultaneously. It takes a lot of coordination," says Jones. To make retransmission more animated, ETP also manages all inlays, virtual reality and slowdowns. Technicians must juggle between pre-recorded subjects and live images. At this stage, they know how to enhance the Crans-Montana region.

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