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The flagship of the Omega European Masters

He follows the best players and informs the public of the scores. On the Severiano Ballesteros course, Patrick Holzer is at the heart of the action.

At all levels of the organization, the OEM staff are essential. Without them, the Omega European Masters wouldn not exist. There are the workers in the shadows who get to work when the spectators have left the venue. And there are those who serve this public, who inform them of the proceedings of the flights, for instance.

Patrick Holzer is at the heart of the action, close to the very best players of this Omega European Masters. For the past 12 years, he has been assigned to the mobile scoreboard. "My task is to follow a game and write the scores of the three players on the board I'm holding. I have a unique technique: I take three scorecards and fill them out myself without waiting for the radio. It allows me to anticipate things", explains Patrick Holzer. Eleven people do the same job as him. This means that only the flights of the most attractive players are followed by a mobile scoreboard staff. "We must be as discreet as possible, be seen by the public, but completely transparent to the players."

Does he manage to create a privileged relationship with the golfers participating in the tournament? "I'm not the type person to impose myself. The players are focused on their game, on their work. On the other hand, I was able to see that some players withstood pressure less than others. They lose control and make amateur shots." A striking memory of your activity in the field? "In 2010, when Jiménez won, I followed him on his first three laps. But unfortunately, not on Sunday... It's was a shame", concludes Patrick Holzer, who has the particularity of having made his own harness to support his panel. He is, in a way, the flagship of the Omega European Masters.