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Fitzpatrick, Dechambeau, Westwood und Jaidee an der Pressekonferenz

Kurz vor dem Auftakt des OMEGA European Masters 2016 haben sich einige Spieler bei der offiziellen Pressekonferenz ihre Eindrücke zum Turnier 2016 abgegeben:

Matthew Fitzpatrick

“It’s great to be back. I keep saying that the more I come back here the better it seems. Obviously it’s not been my best season this year but at the same time I’ve achieved a few things.
“I feel like the course here suits my game and I like it here, had a good result here last year so I just need to see how the week goes.
“I feel like my game’s been there all along, I’ve played OK since Sweden but just not holed putts – I’ve had a bad run since US Open onwards with the putter. When I get the putter going a bit I’ve had better results so hopefully the same this week.
“The course is in great condition. I think a lot of the lads will say it’s the best condition they’ve seen it in in a long time so that’s a nice bonus. You’ve got to be careful with the altitude because the ball goes a bit further so you need to be switched on to what clubs you’re hitting – that’s going to play an important part.
“I wouldn’t say I’ve got it right with my putter yet. Last week I struggled a bit but the greens were quite grainy and I didn’t really see the putts very well, whereas this week – I played well here last year and putted well, so that gives me a bit of confidence.
“I hit a few good putts in the pro-am so it’s just a constant work in progress. You go through spells, unless you’re Jason Day, where it goes down a bit but hopefully it’ll get better now.
“The views here, there is nowhere else like it. I’ve been taking plenty of pictures and doing some social media and everyone always comments how amazing the place is and how they want to be here. It’s always a special place to come.
“The seventh tee is the best view by a mile, probably the best view in golf, other than looking at a trophy you’ve just won! It’s a fantastic view, there’s nothing like it.
“I can’t wait for the Ryder Cup. It’s going to be an amazing experience. If someone told me two years ago I would be playing it I wouldn’t have believed them – I didn’t even have status then.
“I wasn’t nervous when playing the Walker Cup – the big thing for me that week was that I’d just come off the US Amateur win, I was the number one amateur in the world as well so I felt like I was very high in confidence. I didn’t really have much fear.
“It’s a bit different at The Ryder Cup, I’m not number one in the world so I’m not expected to do anything special. It was a big thing that I played my way into the team and didn’t need a pick, that was nice. To get it finalised with one event left was a great feeling.”


Bryson Dechambeau

“I'm playing a lot better. I've been practising quite a bit in some unique practice sessions and I feel that that's helped me tremendously. I'm looking forward to this week and I feel that that's helped me tremendously.
“I haven't been practising the right way the past couple of months and ultimately that's not allowed me to play my best golf. I'm now figuring things out.
“It takes time to transition from amateur golf to professional golf but it's getting there, it's just going to take time. Spieth had a transition period too, everybody does. Next year is going to be a lot of fun. I'll just keep doing my best
“My year has not been as good as I would like to have had it but showing up in the Majors is always great. Knowing I can play with the best players in the world is fantastic, that's not going to be any trouble for me, it's just about making sure I can consistently repeat my motion under any situation, not just the most intense situation,
“Playing with some of the best players in the world around the world is something that will help me improve my game.
“The level of competition here is incredible, just like it is back in the States. It's another place to play and a place to get better with your game. It's a fantastic tour. I love playing out here and I play pretty well too.
“You can't control everything but you can definitely try and do your best to play your absolute best. There's a quote that I go off quite frequently: We're going to strive to obtain protection. Whether or not we can obtain perfection we'll achieve excellence along the way.
“It's a standard. If you try and figure out everything, you will come really close. You will probably never figure it all out but you'll come close. It's just a mindset that I have.”

Lee Westwood

“This is one of the weeks of the year we really look forward to. It’s a great tournament and in a great place as well, it’s very different to your normal week-in, week-out – we’re up in a mountain and it’s a picture postcard type of place. You can walk everywhere, it’s just a special week."
“The first couple of years I came here the golf course was a little bit easier where you could breeze your way around it a little bit and shoot 24 under. But since the changes, you’ve got to focus a lot harder – the golf course is much more demanding and you’ve got to be on your game."
“My game’s in pretty good shape, I’m hitting the ball well and like everybody I guess, I just need to start making a few more putts and I would probably be in contention."
“The seventh tee is spectacular. The 14th tee was the worst for me in the last round – I managed to hit two out of bounds and make a ten, which got me from being slightly in contention down to about fifth, so that wasn’t great. I’ll try not to do that this year and try go down the left."
“I didn’t feel for Darren, I understand the picks is one of the hardest parts of being a captain but if you’re going to put your name up for being captain then you’ve got to be prepared to make those kinds of decisions."
“I think it’s quite an exciting time as captain, making your wildcard picks. You’re seeing how everybody is playing, looking at your team and having your own idea of pairings, seeing which people are going to fit into it for you."
“It’s the culmination of all the qualifying coming together and you can formulate your 12-man team and have an idea of what pairings you’re going to do on the first day, on the first morning and pick accordingly."
“I want up to the glacier last year and had lunch on the way up, it was spectacular. There are so many great things to do around here, it’s a special place.”

Thongchai Jaidee

“I think I have a good chance this year. I have no complaints at all. The golf course is better than last few years. The fairways are perfect and the greens are smooth. It is nice to be back here.
“On the 16th hole during the practice round, I had the perfect club. It was a four iron on the 240-yard hole. I hit it on the green and it rolled into the hole. That will give me some confidence because that is a difficult hole. The 16th hole will be a tough hole.
“In tournament play, I have about nine hole-in-ones. During a practice round this will be my fourth so I have about 13 holes-in-one.
“The views here are fantastic. I’ve been here many years. Everything here this week is fantastic. Some years you have bad weather but this year the weather will be much better. So I’m really looking forward to it.
“I think it will be a challenging hole. If you have a good tee shot and reach the green, I don’t think it will be easy to putt. There are a lot of slopes on the greens so it will be tricky. Today I hit it on the green but almost three putted. The secret here is to keep the ball in play and putt very well. I think anyone can win this week. Everything has to be perfect. If you miss the green, you will be in trouble.”